Rotary Club of Sun Peaks serves Breakfast at Blue Moon Elvis Festival  - Pancake Breakfast
On Saturday July 16 five of our members - Robert, Jenny, Mike (and Charlie), David and Brenda met at the Rodeo Grounds in the small town of Barriere - 45 minutes from Sun Peaks.  We enjoyed the many Elvises on stage that evening and camped overnight amidst the turmoil of almost 200 horses being evacuated from wildfire danger to the rodeo ring - right next to our tents! 
In the morning, we were joined by Trina and her husband, Wade.  The Elvis Festival folks had the items we needed to put on a pancake breakfast with the exception of enough circuitry to run the griddles, coffee machines and portable roaster.  David used a few surreptitious moves to get into a back room to find the fuse box and we were on our way again with a few extra plugs at our disposal. 
Breakfast then went off without a hitch under the watchful eyes of the sheep who were in a pen next to the covered breakfast area.  We made $170 for our club and had the honour of serving many of the evacuated families who had also found shelter at the rodeo grounds.  We have been invited to do this breakfast again next - hopefully for more Elvis fans as smoke kept a huge number away this year.